Sista Shout-out

My sister will be wicked embarrassed that I am posting this, sending a megaphone blast to the internets about something that I should probs just call her up and tell her sister-to-sister, but I can't resist. See my dollface sister?


I cannot wait for the roles in this picture to be reversed. What a lovely and blushing bride she will make. Also, she will be much fun to shop for pretty wedding dresses with, whilst wearing bright red wax lips as we are wont to do... I have already told my sister TP that I have been working on many dance routines to "Teenage Dream," though she does not not know that these are in prep for her wedding! Hehehe, so scathing am I! I would also like for her to have a baby or four that I can munch on and give belly buzzes because, lawsie, my own babies are growing way too fast. Impermissible, I tell you.

I love my sister. Everyone loves my sister. She's everything good. And funny and beautiful and organized and tolerant and extremely talented with an eyelash curler, about which I know nothing since am scared of them. I think they look like medieval devices of torture. Not TP, though. She's got skills.

I am very proud of the person my sister is becoming and feel blessed to have had her support in my life and the life of my family. If there is one image that sort of crystallizes my sister's goodness, it's a time recently when my daughter whizzed on my mother's carpet and TP just cleaned it up and was laughing when I came back inside, recounting how the whole whizzerdly incident went down (literally, ha!). I know that sounds unimpressive, but when you think of all the things for which you are responsible in a day and then as a full-time caregiver, you think of all the things you are responsible for in terms of your children (or an ailing parent, etc.) and then someone comes along and takes care of one of those things that you neglected, and finds something almost whimsical about pinch-hitting for you--it's heartwarming and so appreciated.

Love you, gurl.