Slice of Perfection

I want to tell you about the perfect day I had yesterday, beginning with taking Baby Girl to tot watch and then coming home to play "Find the Car Keys" which always have a way of ending up between the sheets with Lovey Loverpants who was off of work. I want to tell you how we then found the car keys and went shopping for the wee-est most edible pair of baby crocs ever manufactured, and how we had a leisurely lunch where our laughs were NOT punctuated with glances sideways to see if anyone needed something cut up bite size, or to ensure no napkins had been confetti shredded onto the floor.

I also want to tell you how I rode my bike fast fast fast and gamely across town to the indie theatre to meet Haddy and watch the marvelous Valentino documentary. I want to tell you about all those magnificent haute couture gowns.

But I can't tell you all about that perfect day which was yesterday, because it all has been eclipsed by this one moment I experienced in the car today. I was the lowest I have ever been on gas, coasting by the grace of the merciful God of the universe, watching the empty tank light light up like a star atop a Christmas tree...oh please God, please let me not have to stall out here.... We made it to the gas station on fumes alone. And then.

I looked back to see that little face, the sapphire jewels for eyes, the smile so easy and bright. That face said, We're having fun, Mama! Riding in the car, the whooooosh, the beeeeeeeps, the lights and honks, and slobbery bow wows leaning their heads out of those what are they called? Doors? Shoes? Applesauce?

It took my breath away, that unflappable spirit as revealed in that sweet sweet face that can change the course of the cosmos in the matter of a second.