Soup Swap


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My neighbors invited me to do a very cool thing, which I am sure Gwyneth Paltrow probably already blogged about and everyone reading this thinks I am so behind the curve of neighborly engagement, but if you are indeed the last person on the interweb to read about it, let me tell you about our Soup Swap.

Now this is going to sound like one of those story problems that probably conjures a sense of panic in you, such that you are clock watching during a standardized test sitting behind some guy whose crinkling windpants distract you every time he shuffles around in his chair which is every 43 seconds WHO WEARS WINDPANTS TO TAKE THE SAT?? But really it's simple math.

You take 6 sets of neighbor people. + You choose to meet at one person's house. + You each bring a quart of soup or a couple people bake bread/cookies. + You each make 1.25 gallons of soup or 6 loaves of bread. + You swap. + You all walk away with 5 quarts of soup or bread mix. Equals ==== Your fridge and freezer are STOCKED!

It was such a nice way to get to know the neighbors and Baby Girl was totally geeked about the Rody rides along with boys whose names were Thing One and Thing Two. For realsies.