Hot to Trot

Saturday was an example of how I should not be allowed out of the house by myself any longer. I drove to a Red Line station. I glanced to ensure no pocket change was visible in any cup holders. Off to a decent start.

Forgot Charlie Card pass for train riding (strike one), but had proper change for purchase of to and fro ticket.

Arrived at Yelp Event at Mizu Salon. Dramatically underdressed compared to chic minions (strike two).

Glanced at chic early twirtysomethings. Received defensive glances back as if they thought I was examining their outfits all So this is what the young people are wearing out disco dancing these days! Which is, actually, exactly what I was thinking, but not snobbishly, rather earnestly, because, as we have established, I think REI fleece vest paired with every.single.outfit is haute couture. (strikes three through eleventy seven).

I then tried to initiate convo-chatter with the only two people I recognized and evidently that should be a new challenge in Cranium because both exchanges resulted in my finding a cupcake and finding a corner and finding myself the girl alone in the corner with the cupcake and icing all over her face. (strike infinity).

The only bright light was finding my friend Melissa and talking hysterically about the cuteness of Baby Girl which made me feel like I needed to leave immediately.

So in my huff to leave, I spilled ice all over the lobby of the salon. I then, feeling bad for self, bought a sale shirt at ATay and a book at B&N and lo! Where the nelly be-eth my car keys?

(Strikey McStrikerforker.)

I retraced every step, made mates with every security personnel at mall place. Found keys where left them in salon.

Back on train. Busy people watching. Miss stop at worse possible turnaround point. (STEEE-RIKE).

Find car, no pocket change stolen. Pick up last minute grocery items. Receive txt from Loverpants GETTING WORRIED, arrive home in one piece.

What, you are begging to know, were my favorite people doing while mama bird flew the coop?

Just chillin'...

Also noteworthy is the cranking of neck the wee one does every time I unleash the camera. It's new, it's cute, it's inexplicable.