SPF 105

Lately I feel like one of those Victorian characters ambling through pastures hedged with lavender, twirling my proverbial parasol, and making remarks like, "Ah, but 'tis good tonic for the spirit to be among this verdance!" Pfft. Been soaking up the rays with my little dahlin'. Of course I have my lonely moments (see also: When NPR becomes a dear friend), but I've really been having such skin tingling fun. Surely these days my cholesterol is lower, my heart healthier, or some condition that the Victorians would prescribe more sunshine and laughter to ameliorate.

Baby Girl? Whatchoo think about summer in the sunny city? Loves it.


Swan Boats with Schaff and Family Schaff.

swans Swings at Castle Island


Rooftop lunch with Auntie Haddy at MIT


Quiet meditation in The Abyss (Bostonians, if you've not been, you must go and send a letter to the universe....)




"The whole earth is full of His glory." ~ Isaiah 6:3