Dum Dum Didday

The other day I passed a book shop with big posters in its windows. Each poster had a big word on it advertising what I presume was sold within the book shop. The posters read, "PAPERBACKS." "SCONES." "MAGAZINES." "VIETNAMESE." I wondered what kind of shelving units they had, and how they were organized such that the Vietnamese section was just as prominent as the Paperbacks section. Was the Vietnamese rack right next to the Magazine rack? Upon closer inspection, the sign read "VIETNAMESE Spring Rolls."*** Every night that Lovey Loverpants and I are in bed reading before lights out, the age-old struggle ensues. Who will leave the warm cookie dough comfort of the bed to make the epic trek of three steps across the wooden floor to turn off the light? Lovey always makes the same clapping motion in the direction of the light. As a nod to the '80s stocking stuffer adverts for The Clapper. But we don't have The Clapper. But he claps as though we do.







Baby Girl is big into exercising the bounds of her voice, as I've mentioned. Her favorite vocal exercise is to shout MAMAMAMAMAM, and since it's sort of my name and since she does it on repeat while looking right at my face without really wanting me to respond, it sort of becomes one of those Chris Farley routines where he keeps asking Paul McCartney, "Remember when you were in The Beatles?!"


This is one of my favorite Fresh Prince moments ever.