Strapped in, snapped

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Life may be a box of chocolates, but it is also such a box of Nerds isn't it? Half of the box is oh-so-granularly-sweet. The other side, open that hatch and out pours the sour in small warped little beads. . . .

Ya take the good with the bad, no?

The baby bundle is growing and I'm just trying my best to recognize the good in that, and not allow my mind to race ahead to when she will be slam dunking me into the laundry hamper because why? Because she can. She's getting so big and so responsive, such that she beats against her crib mattress like a wind-up monkey with cymbals whenever she sees me or Daddy coming, but at the same time, she's also getting so WILLFUL, which is just the slightest bit terrifying to her mother, who sees her *now* just flippantly tossing her baby sunglasses to the side because they're kind of not what she wants to be holding right at this second, but tomorrow, who knows? Maybe those sunglasses will be the job that she just doesn't feel like holding down right now WHAT THEN!?

Norma Neurotic begone.

I shall try my best to live in these moments, suck the Johnson and Johnson scented marrow out of them, and let these pictures remind me often the cutest pair of chunky legs to ever roam the earth.

gone walking

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