Ten Years-Old

On the surface, not much had changed since the friends met ten years ago. They still spoke of family and work, about books and television, about dorms and those who dwelt in them, about being geeky awkward and how maybe that was something to be celebrated. Ten years was enough to kick some habits, alter some perspectives, walk down some aisles, earn some diplomas, pop out a baby. But at ground level, what was most evident is what remained the same. Jeans and t-shirts and laughter and muffins. ***

Aunties Haddy and Chrisie visited Baby Land today. It was like a hot pot of the best tea that stayed warm all day. I was so sad to see them go. It's not everyday I get to introduce my favorite baby girl to a couple of my favorite college girls - both of whom I met when I visited Small Liberal Arts College on a Hill as a wee senior in high school (who had never seen AOL Instant Messenger before). I'm proud to be friends with these delightful and wise women, and also to have learned, in the course of ten years, how to use the internet. It's very helpful for keeping in touch with my dear friends.