Two for the Road

Yesterday, just after a feeding and before a nap (Madigan's, not mine, natch), I scrambled around the house to pack up for an seat, keys, hooter hider, baby...before she was on to me. Sometimes I think if I take too long to get ready, she's going to get all huffy and pop out that binky and yell, "Mah, THIS LIFETIME, yeah??? But typically, we can get out the door with little incident and yesterday we were in the 'burbs in no time. We were all about mall walking, and by that I mean that I was all about being somewhere unblustery to exercise with a stroller, not necessarily about actually being at the mall. This particular complex is made of platinum and Hermes bags, the floors are paved with Nelly's grilles and they pump Chanel No. 6 from the airshafts all day long. As if all that were not intimidating enough, throw in Super Mall Walker Mom who was literally walking circles around pokey old me. I mean burrrning rrrrubbahh up and down that mall concourse, or burning Nelly's grilles as the case may have been. All in all, though, we had a nice day. We generally have some pretty good days, the dumpling and I. You might assume that a one month-old would be an unresponsive little pivoting sprinkler of poop and spoiled milk, but I find this one quite charming. She is extremely alert, warm for the cuddling, and full of witty repartee. See below.

"Binky is the new black." binky

"Sometimes Vera Bradley is just a little too ubiquitous." vera

"Are we really going all organic?!?"


"Do not mistake me for a conjurer of cheap tricks...."


"Mama's my homegirl." homegirl