The Dance

You cannot clip n’ save,you must extreme coupon blitz down aisles stockpiling econo-sized paper towels to swab up the mess you make baking muffintops, cane sugar only please deliciously deceive us spoonful of organic spinach plucked from your own box garden. The baby needs string beans, pureed carrots heavens to regretsies, don’t ever buy it, BPA leeching, lurking - oh! while you’re at it make sure you’re mastering the fine art of baby signing, please, no, thank you, and more more more more on whose plate? feels like yours but wait, before you eat it, click snap snap your plate with your SLR in natural light post to your site network, socially text me: playdate? don your lululemon uniform apologize profusely make me sign a waiver promise not to tell anyone your house is messy your children watch TV you made inorganic muffins oh, the humanity....

- Kendra Stanton Lee (2011)