christmasconcert I wasn't sure if you'd participate

You are what they call a "joiner"


But this morning you were resistant.

When I saw you taking position

up on the second step,

I understood.

In the midst of your gesturing

Palms cupping each other

Forming that pillow for your leaning head

You sang about that little Lord Jesus

who also laid down his sweet head

You looked out into the murky mass of grown-ups

to see me, holding another little baby,

Your face suddenly beamed with recognition.

And because you are mine

I not only read your lips but heard your little voice

ceasing your song to announce


and I understood what it was

to see the brightest star in the sky

and follow it

to be visited by an angel

and listen, stunned, not sure if a piece of divinity had come down

for a moment

and touched this earth.