Wha! December?

The month is allegedly December but I remain unconvinced. Not only was I driving around yesterday with windows rolled down but OTHER PEOPLE were, too! Usually it is just I, the hor-motional preggo, along with my usual crew of menopausal women drivers in Boston cruising with windows cracked while snowflakes fall all willy nilly around. Today was 60 degrees outside! That's considered humid and balmy in parts of Ireland!

But I am also stupefied that it is December because that means my students should know MLA citation backward and forward by now, and surely I should have my holiday cards addressed and my presents wrapped and I should actually be taking stock of the fact that my Baby Girl is going to be TWO YEARS-OLD in just over a month's time!?!

I don't know how it's the last month of 2009 Anno Domini but shoot. This year has been so much fun and the last few weeks have been a hoot and a half. I've been festivemaking and just being a busy social bumblebee of late. Here are a few snaps of the mischief:

Attended Kalev and Hannah's baptism. So proud of these kids. We have really watched them grow up, and grow up in the Lord which is indescribably sweet.

kalev's baptism

Watched Baby Girl and her gal pal Lily chase a cat up onto its perch at a holiday pahty.


Felt some faux wall grass.


Wore a pilgrim hat. Charged the camera.


Set the Thanksgiving picnic table eleventy-few times on the living room floor.


Ate some popcorn. Skimmed the catalogs. (This picture makes me melt.)


Decked the tree.


Toppled some pillow piles.


Took ourselves very seriously indeed.