While listening to all things Lionel Richie on YouTube

Half an hour ago, my left hand was palming the side of my belly where it felt slightly tender. For the first time ever, I caught a glimpse of my stomach protruding in a very concentrated way, as if a miniature boxing glove was throwing a left jab from within. I had felt kicks for many weeks now, but I had never seen an actual protrusion, and it really thrilled me enough that I had to tell someone. Hi Someone.

I am so tired. I have not felt this physically exhausted in years, possibly since I was writing my thesis for undergrad and would go to morning yoga class and worry that I would either a.) fart while doing down-facing dog thanks to all of the carbonated Mountain Dew I drank the night before and/or b.) fall asleep in the middle of one of the positions.

I cannot remember anything anymore. It took me at least two days to remember what I had so eagerly anticipated telling my co-worker when I got to work Monday morning. (It was the fact that an upcoming production of "Dirty Dancing: The Stage Version" would be selling T-shirt memorabilia emblazoned with "I carried a watermelon." Brilliant.)


On a completely unrelated note, if you could pick up right now and move to anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would you hope to do when you arrived?